serra high school reopening plans

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are working hard to finalize our school’s re-opening plans within the county’s Pandemic Recovery Framework. We have created this page so that our Serra community will have all of the information in one place for quick access. 

We are highlighting three distinct schedules that we will need to implement as we move to reopen our campus for learning in August. We have identified a hybrid model, traditional school schedule and distance learning model. Please see the three schedules below, as well as a slideshow deck that we presented at our Town Hall meeting held on June 25 for parents. 

Please continue to read our weekly Wednesday communication, which will keep us all abreast of the many things we are planning and preparing with regard to academics, student life, athletics, faith and re-opening preparations for August 17, 2020.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to prepare the safest learning models within the framework we are given from our governing agencies. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have as we enter this new phase. 


Charlie McGrath, Principal
email | p. 650.345.8207 ext. 6113

Barry Thornton, Ed.D., President
email | p. 650.345.8207 ext. 6127

Hybrid AB Schedule 

We plan to begin the year in the hybrid model, which would allow us to group students in two cohorts to attend on-campus learning on two consecutive days with a Padre Core day every other Wednesday.

The hybrid academic schedule divides classes in half, with one group participating in class instruction at Serra on two consecutive days with the other half of the class participating at home. The students will be grouped in either a Blue cohort or a Gold cohort. Each cohort will attend classes at Serra on either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday. 

Students are expected to participate in class whether or not they are being taught on campus or at home. The academic office is currently developing this model of instruction with the academic chairs, and we will be supporting the teachers through substantial professional development to ensure achievement of the course outcomes.

Padre Core Day 

Wednesdays will be reserved for Padre Core Day, which places a priority on social-emotional learning, community development and the continuation of events outside of class. This includes activities, prayer, community service, athletics, and other activities that have students safely interacting with one another and with our professional staff. The experience of our Padres as members of a dynamic, supportive community and inclusive brotherhood fosters camaraderie, self-confidence and an authentic sense of belonging. We hope to continue to highlight our special Serra culture.

Due to health restrictions, we anticipate beginning Padre Core Days in September after we have started the school year.

Distance Learning Schedule 

Serra’s Distance Learning model has every class meeting twice a week through Zoom online at a specified time. Students are required to log in at the start of class time, and teachers will take attendance. Classes meet virtually on an A-day, B-day (Monday, Tuesday) with Wednesday as a "flex day" for counselor meetings, office hours, homework and student activities. Thursday and Friday are another A-day, B-day sequence. 

Webinar Presentation


Serra's Roadmap to Reopening



We had a wonderful response to our Parent Town Hall meeting on June 25, 2020. Thank you to all who joined and to those who submitted questions or comments. Your input helps to inform our decision making as we finalize details and protocols.

Below we have answered the most common questions that we collected. We will continue to answer questions and share them with you as we refine the model and get ready for fall.


Pandemic Recovery Framework for Schools 

The San Mateo County Coalition for Safe Schools and Communities released its Pandemic Recovery Framework on June 10. This document provides school leaders with the health and education guidance needed to develop specific plans for the safe reopening of school campuses. Serra will be using these guidelines for school and planning operations for the 2020-21 academic year. Our planning is ongoing and will continue with the release of this information.


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