Welcome to the Serra Fathers' Club!

The Serra Fathers’ Club offers opportunities for you to share in your son’s high school education, enrich the Serra community and make new friends.

The mission of the Fathers’ Club is to:

  • foster a spirit of friendship within Serra families in support of the activities of the Serra community;
  • To promote the principles of Serra High School and a young man's journey towards becoming men of faith, wisdom, service, community and leadership;
  • to support projects that encompass the needs and goals of Serra High School;  
  • to act as role models through volunteering.

The Fathers’ Club is a fun and social way to become familiar with school activities, participate in volunteer opportunities and most importantly meet fellow parents.

Serra Fathers’ Club President

karl maier
aaron '26
Please join us to connect, build friendships and be part of the thriving Padre community.
  • All current Serra parents are automatic members of the Mothers' and Fathers' Clubs, although registration is required.
  • There are NO fees to join.
  • The Mothers and Fathers Clubs are non-fundraising groups
The fathers’ club is inclusive of all primary caregivers including guardians, grandparents, etc.