Welcome to the Serra Fathers' Club!

The mission of the Serra Fathers' Club is to provide a fun environment for Serra dads to socialize and meet other dads on a monthly basis.

In addition, the Serra Fathers' Club provides help and assistance with school events throughout the year. Giving back to the Serra community, or community at large, through projects that require father and son participation has always been a part of the Serra Fathers' Club mission.

The Serra Fathers' Club typically meets on the second Tuesday of the month, either on-campus at Serra where we include food and beverage along with special guest speakers, or off campus at different venues throughout the Bay Area to watch games, share laughs and enjoy a night out

If you are not yet on our distribution list, please email Fathers' Club President Brian Haverty.

Due to COVID restrictions, our on-campus Fathers' Club meetings have been put on hold.

Fathers' Club President
Brian Haverty

Fathers' Club Moderator
Theresa Stoye

The Serra Fathers' Club supports the following events:
due to covid restrictions, some of the events
below may be postponed and/or canceled.  
Athletic Games
Crab Cioppino
Fall Event
Fashion Show
Fund a Dream
Rebuilding Together
Senior Mother & Son Mass
Alumni Reunions

Fathers' Club Calendar

Events will be posted as covid restrictions continue to change