Friday, May 20, 2022

General News:


8:30 a.m. -10 a.m. - 7th period Final

10:30 a.m.-Noon - 6th period Final

Attention all those interested in running cross country in the fall: There will be a brief meeting after school in Room 102.  We will discuss summer training and the upcoming 2022 season. Please see Coach DiMaggio if you have any questions.

The library is now closed for renovation.  Please return any books still out to the drop box by the main office.  Thank you!

Padres -- a quick reminder that this part of the school year innately can increase feelings of stress and general pressure. Combine this with the worries of our world, personal and societal crisis, and worries for the can feel like a lot. But, you are not alone. Your counselor wants to talk with you about anything causing you strife. Reach out to your counselor for a private, confidential meeting.

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