Serra Tech Camp

Open to boys and girls entering grades 5 through 8, our Tech Camp turns a love of gaming into learning! Students will create remote controlled robotics, design and print 3D projects and learn coding with Javascript. Afternoon sessions are available. 


Remote-Controlled Robotics with Arduino (2 weeks, 30 hrs)
June 17-28

Course Description:

Come learn the basics of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and programming using Arduino robotics! In this class students will construct a wheeled robot, wire up its motors and servos, then bring it to life with code. The course begins with the construction of a robot chassis followed by the attaching and wiring of the core components. Working from sample code, students next learn how to get the robot to do what they want. And finally, they compete against their classmates in a robotics competition. At the completion of the course, students get to take their robot home to continue their education outside of the classroom.

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3D Printing with TinkerCad (1 week, 15 hrs)
July 8-12

Course Description:

In this engineering course, students learn to model 3D objects with CAD software, then bring those objects to life with a 3D printer! This process has revolutionized product design, as designers can quickly iterate on prototypes by tweaking their model, printing a plastic copy, and seeing how it works. During the first two days, students will learn the basics of 3D Printing, which for the most part will be 3D Modeling using TinkerCAD. Students will design their own custom chess piece, and then have time to work on a project of their choice. 


Intro to Programming with Javascript (1 week, 15 hrs)
July 15-19

Course Description:

Students start with the basic logical problem solving involved in telling a computer exactly what to do to get a specific result, then move into the foundational elements of programming like functions, variables, and conditionals. After completing logic puzzles in educational coding games, students make a paint app using JavaScript (p5.js). Though we won’t have time to get through all the fundamentals of programming, students will get comfortable with the basics, and have some fun with the problem-solving side of programming. This is great preparation for other coding classes, whether in person or online.   

Extended Care

Extended Care is available to students participating in Serra Tech Camp.

Morning Care, 7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m.: $65/one-week session
Afternoon Care, 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: $65/one-week session
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extended Care is provided through the Serra Sports and Recreation Camp.

Refund Policy

Open of registration-May 21: 75% refunded
May 22-June 4: 50% refunded
June 5-June 11: 25% refunded
June 6-end of camp: no refund