About the In Via Award

During the Portola-Serra Expedition to Alta California in 1769, Gaspar de Portola suggested to Fray Junípero Serra that he ought to turn back because of poor health. Serra replied "Even if I die on the way, I will not turn back."

In this spirit, Serra High School established the In Via Award. It is presented to a non-alumnus who, through word and deed, has given Christian example and has shown on-going support of Serra High School and the goals and objectives of Catholic education as taught here: a spirit of sharing the Word of God, of developing Christian community, and of providing service to all people.

The support given, "In Via," makes the recipient worthy to receive this award; and with it, the status of an honorary alumnus, due all the rights and privileges that normally accompany graduation from Serra High School.

If you have questions regarding the In Via Award, please contact Mike Fadelli '88.