Dear Serra Supporters, 
While we won't gather in person for this year's Fund a Dream Scholarship Benefit, we can still come together in support of Padres who aspire to a Serra education. Fund a Dream is more than a fundraiser, it is an opportunity for the community to gather and tell the story of the transformative impact of a Serra education.  
We can still tell that story and make it possible for so many boys who aspire to be truly good men. Your generosity helps more than 36 percent of our students access the dream of a Serra education - inspiring teachers, dynamic learning, artistic expression, athletic competition - all in the context of a community enlivened by faith.
Our students would not be able to experience the transformative experience of Serra without you.
Barry Thornton, Ed.D.

Mike Fadelli '88
Chief Advancement Officer


Enjoy a look back at some amazing moments at Fund a Dream!

Fund a Dream 2019
Mafi Family Video


Fund a Dream 2018
keynote speaker
Michael callagy '80
Fund a Dream 2017
three inspirational Serra padres
Fund a Dream 2016
promo video
History of FAD 
Fund a Dream 2013
What it means to be a serra padre
Fund a Dream 2012
Keynote speaker
Tom Brady '95
Fund a Dream 2012
"once a padre,
always a padre"


Thank you to all of our 2020 Fund a Dream donors!

Please note that some names may be out of order. We are updating periodically as new donations come in. Please accept our apologies for any inadvertent omissions.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brady, Jr.
The Change the World Foundation
The Silk Family
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ackerman
Ackerman Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Norbert W. Bischofberger
Goldman Sachs Gives
Mr Raymond Chang & Mrs. Annie Chen
The Drum Foundation
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Tammy Kiely
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Moriarty
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gaddis
Mr. and Mrs. William Kenney
Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Allara
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bevilacqua
Bevilacqua & Sons Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dowd
Mr. Christopher M. Gomez
Mr. Robert J. Grassilli
Mr. Sanjay Popli and
Mrs. Rekha J. Hemrajani
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie F. Romeo
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rutledge
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Severino
Mr. and Mrs Frank Caufield
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Beffa, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Bruch
Mr. John Steffen, Jr.
The EACH Foundation
Mr. and Mrs Gary Christopherson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Gory
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ho, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Philpott
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ullyot
Mr. and Mrs Robert Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Walsh
Boston Private Bank
Mrs. Angela M. Azem
Mr. Eric W. Dooley and
Mrs. Catherine P. Fitzhugh-Dooley
Wendy and Eric Eger
Mr. Robert Kidwell
Mercy High School, Burlingame
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Macha
Mr. William Adasiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mahaffey
Notre Dame High School, Belmont
Andrea and Tim O'Riordan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pearl
Dr. Richard L. Reich
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Soto
Google Matching Gifts Program
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Johnston
Mr. John M. Murphy
Murphy's Pub
Mr. and Mrs. JB G. Orecchia
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Outman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wiecks
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Barrett
Mrs. Judy Bornstein
Gerardo Espinosa
Mr. and Mrs. John Igoe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Regalia
Mrs. Laverne Barrett
Chevron Texaco Matching Gift Program
Mr. Daniel Darcy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeLuna
Collection Bureau of America
Mr. Sam Farsad
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Fulvio
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Gerrity
Mr. and Mrs. James House
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Longinotti
Mrs. Kelly Morehead
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morehead
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Peterson
Mr. Randy Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bottoms
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bunje
Mr. Scott Cerza and Mrs. Michele Cerza


Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Guttas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Houle
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Lauber
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lindberg
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lonardo
Mr. and Mrs. Sherrick Murdoff
Mrs. Heidi Nielsen
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pires
Mr. Anthony Rebarchik
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sarles
Mr. Nicholas A. Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Lars J. Lund
Mr. Joseph F. Feehan
Ms. Melissa Lush
Mr. and Mrs. Andy O'Brien
Mr. Nariman Shariat
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Simon
Mr. Perry D. Carter and
Mrs. Meronig Kurkeyerian-Carter
Mr. Alan Aimi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Ames
Mr. and Mrs. Walter John Bankovitch
Mr. Franklin L. Briski
Mr. Rushton Hurley
Ms. Nicole Sarraille
Mr. and Mrs. James Bertram
Sandy Brook
Mr. Joseph Caceras
Mr. Nicholas Calderon
Mr. Carlo Cardilli and
Ms. Margret Cumbow
Mrs. Jacqueline DeMartini
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Ghidossi
Mrs. Judy Grosey
Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Haverty
Mr. Christopher P. Houle and
Ms. Noelle Byloos
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Lowenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Monaghan
Mrs. Cecelia Thornton
Mrs. Sandra Trembley
Mr. Stephen M. Venditti
Mr. David R. Venditti
Mr. and Mrs. J. Anthony Villanueva
Mr. Dennis H. Irving
Mr. Richard F. Persha
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Rosaia
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Ladcani
Mr. Hanna Malak
Kevin and Cindy Dunleavy
Pam and Bob Robbins
Monica Convery-Rank
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth Tollmann, Jr.
Mark and Benay Todzo
Vicke and Greg Eckert
Mr. William Byrnes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Fadelli
Mr. and Mrs Daniel Vogl
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Kevin O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs Steve Kamenis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Zoucha
Mr. and Mrs Chris Andrasick
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cotton
Fr. Michael Healy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Jerome
Mr. Brian M. Kelly
Mr. Thomas Lenneman
Karl & Sarah Wiley
Mary Dowden
Jesus & Nora Ojeda
Anthony Farinha '93
Tom Wootten '93
Matthew '92 and Theresa Wills
Eddie Turdici '84
John Murray '60
Michael McDonell '61
Mr. and Mrs. Aric A. Agresti


With your help, we can make a young man's dream of a Serra education come true!

God did not create you to be a success. God created you to be faithful.

Updated as of April 15, 2020 @ 3 p.m.


History of Fund a Dream

In 2005, we established our Fund a Dream Scholarship Benefit to raise the additional funds necessary to ensure that all qualified applicants who dream of becoming a Serra Padre are afforded that opportunity.

To date, this event has provided more than $5 million in support of its financial aid program. We invite you to help make a young man’s dream come true by supporting our Financial Aid Program. Together, we will continue Serra’s mission for future generations.

A special thank you from
Ryan Mahe '22