Mission Statement and Graduation Learning Outcomes

Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and empowered by a faith that is living, conscious and active, Junípero Serra is a Catholic college preparatory dedicated to the holistic formation of our students. Our community supports students in their journey towards becoming men of faith, wisdom, service, community and leadership. We seek to develop the gifts and talents of each student in an environment of excellence and mutual respect.

Guided by our mission and emboldened by the belief that every student is created in the image and likeness of God, the Junípero Serra community is committed to develop men who embrace:


Students are called to be open to a personal relationship with God, such that graduates will be able to demonstrate:
  • Knowledge of the life and teachings of Jesus, their contemporary application and the role of the Catholic Church in the world
  • Active, reflective and developing spirituality in both personal and communal dimensions
  • Well-formed consciences through moral decision making based on reason and Gospel values
  • Engagement with the world that illuminates God's loving presence through prayerful, just and charitable action


Students are called to rigorous study in the pursuit of wisdom, such that graduates will be able to demonstrate:
  • Comprehension, analysis and synthesis of essential concepts across disciplines
  • Academic skills for success in college and career and for independent lifelong learning
  • Openness to change, to take healthy risks and to learn from pain and disappointment
  • Critical, creative and innovative thinking applied to real world contexts


Students are called to recognize, affirm and advocate for the inalienable dignity of every human person through meaningful service, such that graduates will be able to demonstrate:
  • Knowledge and application of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Skills to identify and provide what family, school and community need to thrive
  • Solidarity with those who are marginalized, vulnerable and/or suffering
  • Stewardship of our common home


Students are called to promote brotherhood and collaboration in their communities, such that graduates will be able to demonstrate:
  • Knowledge and practice of effective collaboration and conflict resolution strategies
  • Interpersonal skills for social and emotional relationships built on integrity and trust 
  • Respect and compassion for global cultures and peoples
  • Active citizenship that enriches their communities, creating a more inclusive and equitable world


Students are called to model courageous leadership based on Jesus' example of service, such that graduates will be able to demonstrate:
  • Knowledge of the value of servant leadership, diversity and the pillars of brotherhood: respect, integrity, inclusion and compassion
  • Social and emotional skills for effective problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork
  • Effective communication as a listener, speaker, reader and writer
  • Responsible action for the welfare of others